Marmot friend

Marmot friend
Our little Marmot friend-checking out the clover



The right side of my original photos are blurry....why you say? The day I took them I was so tired from working that I thought my eyes were tired and not focusing. In reality it was a finger smudge on the lens of the camera. Got a kick our of myself when I realized what had happened.

August is not a good time of year to begin remodeling a mobile home. Especially one that has 2 barely working air conditioners, both scarcely hanging from the windows in which they were placed. The weather was in the 100's and my little tuna can reeked of leftover odors from cigarettes and a dog...not a good picture.

My role model for this endeavor... MY AUNT MARY, who encouraged me all along the way by listening and laughing with me. She was a fixer-upper and remodeler...and I would follow in her footsteps!?!

My Favorite Aunt Mary

My Favorite Aunt Mary

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Debbie~ said...

Wow, what a difference all your hard work is making, your little cabin on the river is really turning into a cozy cottage!!! What a beautiful view you have out your new windows and I looove all your landscaping projects too! I'll have to come back and see how everything fills out, I hope your shade trees are really full of leaves for you! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

KLW said...

Well, I had the VitaGreen guy over to tell me that 2 of the 4 trees are over watered!!! I guess I've been drowning them....Went on vacation for 10 days and got back and two of the trees had started to drop their leaves....I became frantic and started calling the universe...including the WA St Chelan Co. Extension Office, Master Gardeners...

Called the neighbors to shut the water off...I'm headed up there Sat to see if I can set something up with the auto water systems and dig a trench to stop the run off from the easement road. The rocks are horrendous being so near the river....hours digging in order to plant new plants.

I lived in Seattle for over 20 yrs...being north, you must be pretty green...

Kathy from Yakima, WA

JD said...

I have so enjoyed looking at your have done a wonderful, amazing job...thank you for sharing...

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I just found you and I'm glad I did! Your mobile home project is coming along wonderfully and your site is full of interesting content. We also live in an old mobile in a beautiful location (no river, tho!) If you look at my "welding man" post you can see what I mean. And now, we are trying to sell and it is so hard to think of leaving this place. More power to you, looking forward to your progress.

nannykim said...

Love the view you have of the river. I love the sound and look of water--a neat place to live!